Russian bookmark catalogue

Bookmark "Doll Representing a Peasant Woman"

Bookmark "Lad Doll"

Bookmark "Molodukha (Young Woman) Doll"

Bookmark "Maiden Doll Wearing a Wreath"

Bookmark "Bride Doll"

Bookmark "Doll with a Plait"

Bookmark "Maiden Doll"

Bookmark "Heavenly Angel"

Bookmark "Wedding Doll"

Bookmark "Veps Doll"

Bookmark "Muzhik Doll"

Bookmark "Doll Representing  Mother and Pelenashka (Diapering Girl)"

Bookmark Felt Rabbit

Bookmark Father Frost (Father Christmas)

Bookmark Felt cat

Bookmarks Flat felt figures

Bookmarks Felt figures on strings

Bookmarks Felt pendant figures

Bookmarks Funny strips

Bookmarks Series B

Bookmarks Series A

St. Isaac

View of St. Peter and Paul Fortress

Bookmark The Moscow Kremlin

Bookmark Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood

Bookmark Palace Square

Bookmark Rostral column

Bookmark The Bronze Horseman

Angel of Saint-Petersburg

Moscow Kremlin

The Bronze Horseman

Alexander Pushkin

Our Savior on the Spilled Blood

Bookmark Christmas Angel (painting)

Bookmark Angel (painting)

Bookmark Belfry

Bookmark Russian Churches

Bookmark Winter Channel

Bookmark Alexander Column

Bookmark Admiralty


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